Curtis Melton – Curriculum Vitae

Curtis' Resume and past experience

Academic Degrees
Kansas State University

Ph.D. Meat Science

University of Arkansas

M.S. Animal Breeding

B.S. Animal Husbandry

Professional Experience
State Fairs


Judge for Country Ham Shows at various state fairs in Tennessee and Kentucky.

Melton Consulting

Private Consultant

Development and Reassessment of HACCP Programs for USDA and FDA Facilities from and Associated Pre-requisite Programs.



Taught Food Safety to Macedonian Veterinarians who inspected food in that country during a two-week HAACP Training Program to allow their food products to be exported to the U.S.

Academic Titles at University of Tennessee
University of Tennessee

Professor Emeritus Food Science Department


Associate Professor

Assistant Professor

Consultant and Guide

Consultant and Guide with USDA for groups of visiting Food Scientists from European countries of Russia, Georgia, and Armenia, the South American country of Columbia, and the Asian country of Thailand.

Activities and Experiences
University of Tennessee

Teaching and Research in Animal Science and Food Science Departments

Conducted research in various Meat Processing areas and taught courses to graduate and undergraduate students in Meat Science and other Food Science Disciplines.

Major Professor

Served as Major Professor for 12 M.S. and 6 Ph.D. Students and served on the graduate committees of 35 additional students.

Meat Science Professor

Served with Meat Science Professors at other Universities in the Initial Training of HACCP.

HACCP Implementor

Received a USDA Grant for Training at very small and small Meat Processing Plants in Tennessee to assist in Implementing HACCP.

Science Communicator

Responded to Requests from Media and Other Food Interest Groups on Food Health and Safety Issues on factual scientific information.

Agriculture Extension Specialist

Agriculture Extension Specialist for Animal Food Products assisting Consumer Groups in understanding the importance of the meat products in our diets.

Food Safety Consulting

Served farmers, industry groups, and Tennessee Department of Agriculture in answering questions concerning food safety including those related to meat and other products.

Meat Extension Specialist

Was Meat Extension Specialist responsible for training the Agriculture Agents in each county how to teach 4-H youth to select, prepare and serve meat products.

Kansas State University

Instructor for Undergraduate Courses

While completing the Requirements for the Ph.D. in Meat Science was instructor for Undergraduate Courses including teaching slaughter and processing of Red Meat Animals.

Data Collection

Collected carcass data in a study of lamb cutability in the Midwest Region of the United States.

University of Arkansas

Performance Test Coordinator

Coordinator of a Beef-Bull Performance Test, collecting gain and feed efficiency over a 140 day period while working on my M.S. degree (1960-1965 with two years off in the Army).